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Eric LaBossiere is the lead singer of Canadian-American Pop Rock band Hello Fiasco. Also known as "Boss," LaBossiere was born and raised in Canada but has lived in the US since 2011. Previous to Hello Fiasco, LaBossiere performed with Canadian bands The Mailman's Children and Skyline Fake. 

Find out more here: Eric LaBossiere

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Joel Couture (A.K.A. Fashion or Fash), used to record and perform with both LaBossiere and Perreault in The Mailman's Children, before becoming the bassist for Hello FiascoCouture currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada).

Previously, Couture has performed with Matt Epp, Justin Lacroix Band, and Vesely Couture.   

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Joel Perreault, A.K.A. "P," is the lead guitarist and 1 of 3 backing vocalists for Hello Fiasco. Perreault currently lives near Marchand, a small community located outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). Perreault has also performed with Justin Lacroix Band, Jocelyn Baribeau, Madame Diva, Kelly Bado and Marie Josee Clement. 

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Ivan Burke is the drummer and a backing vocalist for Hello Fiasco. Burke resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada).  Burke is also known for having played with acts such an Del Barber, Rosie and the Riveters, Justin Lacroix band, Kelly Bado, Jocelyn Baribeau. KIN, JP Hoe, and Hollerin' Pines.  

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Guy Abraham completes the Hello Fiasco line up by performing piano, keys, Ableton and most of the band's backing vocals. Like the other four Canadian members of HF, Abraham currently lives in the Winnipeg region as well. Previously, Abraham performed with Peel, The Velvet Pill, The Mission Light, Guy Abraham Band, and New Sum. 

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